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7 great ways to stay active at your work desk

Did you know that sitting at your desk all day is bad for you and could actually lead to pretty serious health ailments? Yes you read that right. Sitting at a desk all day has some serious negative side effects. These problems include, but are not limited to, digestion problems, back and hip problems, poor posture, leg issues, rise in stress levels, and decreases in energy and productivity. So now you may be thinking 'how can I avoid these side effects without quitting my job'. Lucky for you here are 8 simple things you can do to combat this:

  1. Use a stand up desk. Work at your desk while standing and you’ll find an improvement in your posture and circulation, which will overall alleviate the effects of sitting.

  2. Sit on an exercise ball. Using an exercise ball as your chair will engage your core (your abs and back muscles), which will assist in maintaining good posture.

  3. Set a timer. When the timer goes off, go for a walk around the office or stretch to workout those back muscles.

  4. Try out a treadmill desk. If you think standing while working would be a great way to be active, try walking throughout your day as you type on your laptop.

  5. Walking Meetings. Forget about meetings in stuffy boardrooms, and take it outside! Whether it’s taking a call whilst walking around the block, having a gym session while talking shop or taking a meeting on to the road, it all helps in keeping your body moving. This is great if you are tracking your daily steps!

  6. Subtle Stretches while at your desk. taying active whilst at work can come in the form of simple exercises, like shoulder raises, neck stretches, leg raises… or go full aerobics and get into these top deskercise moves!

  7. Workout at lunchtime at your nearest gym. If you want more out of your lunchtimes, then hit up your nearest fitness venue and do a class or a quick gym session. Even if you can only fit in 30 - 40 mins, you will feel the difference in your productivity and happiness levels.

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