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Are you ready for your life to change?

The transformation has already begun, you've taken the first step. Health is a journey and we're ready to partner together towards a healthier and happier you.

Body-N-Motion isn't a fad fitness gym. No fancy technology, just a lifetime of experience helping people stay in motion. We need a little forward momentum in life in pursuit of our best selves. Our expertise is in personal fitness and rehabilitation, sports performance, senior fitness and mobility, injury recovery, and more.

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Client Testimonials

My daughter has gone to body and motion for years! Body-N-Motion has helped her become stronger faster and more agile to compete in high-level sports. I would recommend Body-N-Motion for anyone looking to take their game to the next level!

Brian, Noblesville

Great results and great trainers, not to mention great everlasting friendships.

Lauri, Pendelton

BNM is a great facility! Clean, well equipped, and a positive environment. Mark White is an excellent trainer! He will push you to achieve the goals you set (and remind you of your goal when you want to quit)! The workouts are challenging and fun! Highly recommended!

Megan, Indianapolis

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About Body-N-Motion

About Body-N-Motion &Training with our Trainers:

  • We are by appointment only. Meaning you never have to wait for a machine, worry about crowds or gawking, and you can get the absolute personal attention you need.

  • We do not have membership fees or contracts

  • We offer 1-hour training sessions, ensuring you have enough time to get warmed up, trained, and stretched before returning to your hectic life.

Our trainers are excellent, and we get results! Please come in for a free one-hour health and wellness evaluation to meet with one of our trainers. I know you will see and feel the benefits of our programs, as they will allow you to function at your highest level. Do it for you, your families, and your career.

Remember a body in motion stays in motion!

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